Hey all,

I’ve been MIA for awhile (and I’m not talking about the Minneapolis Institute of Arts … bad joke) and I do regret that.

This last semester has been especially hard for me dealing with some academic difficulties as well as facing some old mental demons. Because I’m not as diligent of a student as I should have been, I still have to take one more course in July, but for the time being I have no excuse to ignore this podcast and this community any longer.

I’m at home (my parents house in Iowa) and I am currently searching for a job and apartment in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area as a recent graduate. In the meantime, I have nothing but free time. I ignored my commitments to this podcast too much during this spring semester, and I don’t want to make excuses.

I am working on an episode on asteroids that I promised would come out over a month ago, but it did not. Partly because of the depth of content, and partly because of my personal life.

During the next month I hope to regain the momentum I had at the beginning of this podcast, so that we can bring it into the future. I will make no promises, because I fear breaking them. But I will say this: I want to make all of you proud. I want to build a community that can rally around wonder, beauty, podcasting, and of course science.

I will do my best through this month, and hopefully UP will never see a lull in production again. With some drive, free time, and all of you at my back, I know this is something that can be done.

Keep exploring,
Daniel James Barker

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